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Free Standing Pieces

Neighbor's Oak Table

TEAM GreenWorx first creation in our new Greensboro studio!

This table was created for a client whose home was one of 15 featured in the Parade Tour of Remodeled Homes 2010 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The dining table's location is exactly where the white oak tree grew before the remodel; the clients needed to make room for their new addition. The wood was quarter and rift sawn on-site and its longest journey was to Winston-Salem for kiln drying. Our studio is less than 4 miles away where it was fabricated. It has a hand rubbed oil finish especially designed for kitchens, toys, and furniture. The base is a Herman Miller product, from their Eames Conference table line, a very high quality, sustainable product line that can accept any shape top imaginable.
(Eames base not included)

Liturgical Pieces

Inspired by the Holy Trinity, these three matching pieces are proudly displayed at a Greensboro Church. Look closely and you'll find each stand is made from 3 separate pieces, one for each member of the Trinity. Custom Pulpit created in the spirit of the Trinity; I built into it a custom sliding shelf for the Pastor to control an iPad displaying pictures on a large screen behind him during worship.

Dining Table

Solid Mahogany Chippendale style dining room table that includes intersecting shapes which match the design of another piece in the residence. The supporting beams connecting the legs are carved to make the piece lighter and add an artistic accent. Its size is approximately 24"D x 42"W x 30"H, it accommodates my clients 42"D x 72"W x 3/4" thick glass top.

Wine and Liquor Cabinet

Espresso stained Maple wine and liquor cabinet. Push to open double wine drawers at each end and shallow drawers above them; center double door cabinet is lit with LED lights when doors are opened, they are also push to open. Countertop is Staron Tempest series solid surface, Caraway color.

Rustic Wine Racks

Beach-Theme Wine Rack: Holds 7 bottles. Main vertical supports are white birch, with driftwood collected from a beach for the horizontal bars. The base is mahogany plywood (w/ lucky find wine bottle shape), the surrounding pebbles and driftwood were collected strolling the San Diego coastline. This pieces was given to a very dear friend for a wedding gift, ordered a year in advance.
Flat Top Wine Rack: Rustic wine rack (front and side view photos shown), holds 12 bottles. Cherry branches have hand carved tenons, top is solid cherry milled from tree cut down on property (other branches from same tree created all lamps and cane topped stool). This was given to my first cousin as a wedding gift.
Tripod Wine Rack: 9 bottle capacity (3 on each row). This piece was created while attending a rustic furniture making class in the Adirondacks. Locally collected branch varieties are unknown.
European Contorted Hazel Racks: Built from the natural curves of this specal dark wood, this wine rack naturally holds bottles within its strong frame.

All wine racks priced according to complexity, capacity, and material. They range from $350 to $1,000+, each and every one will always be unique and different.

Wine Bottle Holders

These single cuts of wood hold whole bottles of wine safely by their necks with a space efficient, artistic solution. Optionally, the wine bottle holder can include wine glass holders, using recycled corks. These pieces are available at the gift shop of Divine Llama Vineyards.

Fiance's Jewelery Box

Lid and bottom are made of African Mahogany wood.
Four Cococolo legs have Lacewood in between.

Children's Toy Box

Toy box created from Mahogany with Purple Heart corners and E, it was a gift to my first nephew Everett. We cut the top of the front piece lower than the top so little fingers couldn't be squished.

$ Big Hugs (he's my nephew and I'll charge what I want)

Owl Stands

This piece was made to accent an owl statue which is very special to this client. The natural twists and turns of the Corkscrew Hazel (also called Harry Lauder's Walking Stick) hold necklaces and other fine jewelery.

Bowl Stand

This stand presents handcrafted bowls in a simple, elegant design. The bowls are gently supported by wine corks, providing a naturally pliable cushion.

Eyeglass Stands

Made for a local boutique, these custom stands hold 5 pairs of glasses each. Very rare purple heart wood was used to add a natural accent color.

Other Freestanding Furniture

Baker's Cabinet: Made of Red Oak, this piece is a reproduction. $1,500

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